Next Week ! DeadDog Race ! Few places left, don’t forget to register yourself ! It might hurt, but it might be fun aswell ! Saturday, about 50km of race on various types of routes (up and downhills from 8 to 16%) Finish line on the closed site of the Blutcher Longboard Club’s Wallonhill Summer Edition: barbecue, awards ceremony and party on the banks of the Lesse with freeriders from all over Europe. Sunday: ride towards the outdoor velodrome in Rochefort. Train station next to the site, possibility to stay overnight on the campsite ! Details:

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At Comics: Philosophy and Practice this weekend in Chicago, Chris Ware revealed more details about his highly-anticipated latest project, Building Stories, coming from Pantheon this October. As attendee Kathleen Dunley put it, Building Stories is “many little books in a beautiful box.”

Stay tuned, we can’t wait to share more of this exciting new graphic novel with you.

“Chris Ware’s BUILDING STORIES is the rarest kind of brilliance; it is simultaneously heartbreaking, hilarious, shockingly intimate and deeply insightful. There isn’t a graphic artist alive or dead who has used the form this wonderfully to convey the passage of time, loneliness, longing, frustration or bliss. It is the reader’s choice where and how to begin this monumental work — the only regret you will have in starting it is knowing that it will end.”

- J.J. Abrams

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